The exceptional clarity, balance and depth of the spices served with perfection!

Special Biryani

It’s the time to enjoy the authentic taste and aroma of Special Biryani. You might have eaten Special Biryani but most of the time, you’d never eaten the authentic one. We at ABK offer the best Special Biryani prepared freshly with a balanced combination of fresh ingredients and spices. It’s tasty- so much so that it can effortlessly satisfy the fussiest of foodies or the most fastidious of food aficionados hailing from any part of the world.

Dum Biryani

What dinner party is complete without Biryani? Biryani is loved by people of all ages. Biryani is a symphony of aromas, color and texture played by the various spices & condiments that goes into making it. The subtle nuances of delicious Dum Biryani were praised by the Nawabs of Lucknow. All the ingredients are used in a balance to create the perfect taste and aroma of authentic Dum Biryani.


Korma, a ghee-based mild stew the Moghuls Indianised using yogurt, cream, saffron, ground almonds, and aromatic spices.Who doesn’t want to enjoy the taste of whole garam masalas, caramelised onions, bay leaves, green cardamom, and kewra water. We at ABK offer 100% authentic delicious and tasty Korma to satisfy your carving. Book your order now to be proud at next family get together.



Our Chef

“We all love sweet dishes and it is a must to keep dessert after our meal. And nothing can be compared to Phirni when we talk about sweet dish in India. Weddings, get-togethers and local festivals are incomplete without the sweetness of this dish. It is high in calorie but delectable in taste. Order now to enjoy Phirni at your next event!”


Best place to hangout with friend and family. staff is very good and the food serverd here is AWESOME... keep it up guys.
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A great place to have Amiran Biryani & Kebab. Its another chain of the famous Paradise restaurants of mohali
serving yummy and delicious food for decades now. Just love it. Do try their kebabs
Sadik Hassan
Best & Tasty dishes in Amiran Biryani & Kebab.....I taste here Chicken Seekh kebab...It was so tasty.
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Veg biriyani , soya chap , and molai chap is vert testy .. when i visit VR PUNJAB MALL i am having every time veg biryani, soya chap , and molai chap.
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We believe in working together

We love to give back to our society and environment. We work closely with potters at Kumhaara Gram on the outskirts of Delhi to develop our handmade pots/handis for our biryanis. We don’t rely on the middlemen because they cut the profits of the potters. Also ABK Biryanis are cooked in the same Handis in which they are delivered, ensuring best freshness & hygiene. You can use these Handis for cooking or putting plants, painting etc. All this connect us to our roots and promotes sustainable development. Let us all work toward better ecosystem by being more conscious towards our environment and people.